Oakmont Village Association

"Error free and always with a positive attitude. My Board is thrilled; that always makes the HOA Manager look good and feel good. Thank you!"

Oakmont Village Association
Santa Rosa, CA

Pro Solutions

"Our experience with Condominium Financial Management has been one of professionalism and accuracy. They work as a team with our office to effectively reach the same goals. They protect our bottom line with their accurate accounting, prompt service, and continual professionalism. We value our relationship with them as an integral part of our company. "

Pro Solutions
HOA Collections & Mediations

Union Bank

"I have been working with Linnea and CFM since my time at Union Bank starting in 2003. They have great integrity, think out of the box, have a very impressive background and achievements. Any HOA would be lucky to have them handle their affairs."

Union Bank
Vice President


The Keys

I meant to write you a note.  Things are so much better since your team got on board again.  Should never have happened in the first place.  I know you have all heard the ‘horror stories’.  It is like clockwork now.  Thank you for coming back.

Jackie Hungerford,

Homeowner at the Keys

PIER 39 Marina

"CFM has managed the boat slip owner accounts at PIER 39 marina for over 15 years. They have kept excellent records, and provided courteous professional service to our slip owners and marina management staff. They have proved to be adaptable and cooperative whenever we required changes or upgrades to improve our business. Stacie, Linnea, and their staff are well informed and easy to work with."

PIER 39 Marina


"I wanted to let you know that you have some amazing and helpful individuals working with you. I am in Singapore and have been under a tremendous work load. I have had issues with my account.

In the meantime until we were able to work it out I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the patience and understanding that was paid to me until I was able to get things reorganized.

Stefanie with the concord office was helpful and her follow up was tremendous. Being so far away from a home that I love i was concerned that things would not be sorted.

Please share this with the team because I am certain she did not want or expect anything in return yet she was able to help a person so far away."


Park Bellevue Tower Condominiums

"I didn't know what to expect when I left Realmanage in 2006 to begin a new career managing a high rise association in downtown Oakland. My HOA management experience from day one was portfolio management working for a company that offered a complete range of services including in-house accounting. Leaving that for self-management where the accounting was done by someone else felt alien and a little foreboding. It soon turned out to be a match made in HOA heaven.

On the first day of work I was greeted by the Board President who told me about the various companies that contributed to the success of Park Bellevue. To my surprise I learned Linnea Juarez had been doing the accounting at Park Bellevue for close to ten years. I immediately knew the numbers would be right and that I'd be able to make sense of the balance sheet and delinquencies. Hallelujah. For those of you who don't know Linnea and her daughter Stacie Donnelly, they are perfectionists who do things the way they are supposed to be done. I think most of the managers reading this know that understanding the financial health of an HOA is the most important part of our jobs. Having Condominium Financial Management here made one aspect of the learning curve disappear completely for me.

It didn't take but a couple of weeks to work out a really nice relationship with the account representative, Theresa Udowski, who knew and worked well with Park Bellevue. I learned soon enough how she and I shared an appreciation for organizing and prompt processing. We established our mutual work protocols early on and have not had to amend them much over the three years we have worked together. I can't think of a day when I haven't needed Theresa for help or information. She always delivers it quickly, accurately and with utmost professionalism. We''e become friends and I can't imagine doing what I do without her on my team.

CFM has been a real factor in helping me become the successful manager I am here at Park Bellevue. If I had any doubt about what I would find when I got here three years ago you can imagine my relief when I saw CFM doing the accounting. Park Bellevue is in good financial health and CFM has been here the entire time. Thank you Linnea, Stacie and Theresa. I appreciate all you do for me and the association."


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