Spring 2013

   We have a new beginning as well as a happy ending to share with you!

Our very own Andrea Rodriguez, Operations Manager, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Stella on April 3rd. Both mom and baby are doing well and Andrea will be returning to work in just a few weeks. As for a happy ending, we bid a fond farewell to Theda Burke, longtime client associate working in the marina office at Pier 39. Enjoy retirement Theda! You will be missed!

Please continue reading for an informative article related to corporate status.

Keeping you up to date with information such as this is a reminder why you have chosen CFM as your financial management team. CFM is the only accredited financial management firm in California. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your Association!

With Gratitude,
Linnea & Stacie

Corporate Status, why do we care?

With tax season ending for our calendar year-end clients, we are reminded of the importance of maintaining compliance as it relates to corporate status. Why is this important? Because without it the Association will be suspended resulting in the loss of corporate powers, rights and privileges. This would include losing the right to bring and defend lawsuits, enter into contracts, enforce already existing contracts, and may inhibit the HOA’s ability to pursue delinquent assessments and enforce their governing documents. Why should you care? Because if the Association is suspended, and the directors or agents attempt to carry out the powers of the HOA, you may be punished by a fine of $250-$1000, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year!

CFM keeps you out of jail with our compliance department! We ensure your taxes are filed timely and complete the two forms required by the Secretary of State to be filed every two years. For new clients, we check your corporate status immediately to verify the Association is in good standing and has not been suspended. Should we find the suspension, we take quick action to get the Association revived. You are in good hands with CFM on your side!

People are Talking

Read what our clients are saying about us… “All the CFM account representatives assigned to my HOA’s over the years have provided excellent accounting services above and beyond the call of duty. I stay with CFM because of the continuing one-on-one superior accounting help and support you provide me for managing my HOA’s. Good job Linnea and Stacie.”

George Mockridge
Serramonte Highlands &
Saddleback HOA
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The Franklin Award

The Franklin Award is a company reward of a $100 bill given to one employee per quarter in recognition of an outstanding achievement or extraordinary task completion. They can be nominated by their fellow employees, by a homeowner, board member, or colleague. The Franklin Award winner for 1st quarter 2013 is Wendy Bartashevich, accounts payable specialist. Wendy was nominated by a manager and a board member of two different clients in recognition of the excellent service she provides to them. Well done Wendy!